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Below is the start of a listing of books, catalogs, and other compendiums that catalog cans from different countries.   Where we can, we have provided a link to where the reference can be acquired.   Many of these are out of print or were published in limited quantities.


ARGENTINA: Catalogo de Latos de Cerveza Argentinas by Nicolas Campitelli & Eugenio Valentini published September 2010 is a spiral bound 206 page book that pictures the cans of Argentina in color that were known as of date of publication.  As of 2010 you can contact the authors at and/or

CANADA: Beer Cans of Canada 1948-1984 by Dave Fowler and Ted Bartolacci.  The best book on Canadian cans features color pictures of the Canadian cans from beginning of canning in Canada following WWII until 1984.   In has a rarity scale and does list and sometimes show differences such as canning manufacturer. Dave (BCCA #28142) & Ted recently (3-24-14) reprinted a few and is offering them at $40 plus postage.  
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GERMANY: DEUTSCHE BIERDOSEN, 2-09 by Wolfgang Heller.  The book has a preface with a date of July 1997.  The book is very detailed pictorial listing of most of the German cans produced until the advent of the narrower lid (where the lid is smaller than the circumference of the can body).

The NETHERLANDS: DUTCH BEER CANS "CREATED BY HENK HENST.  The spiral bound book of 180+ color pages was published in 2004.  The book significantly expands upon the previous catalog first printed in 1989.  This book attempts to list every beer Dutch beer can including cans made for foreign breweries such as the Cristal of Cuba.

NORWAY: NORSK BURKGUIDE 2017, NORSKA OLBURKAR I STAL by Roger "Ragge" Johansson and Torbjorn "Tobbe" Johansson.  The book was published in 2017 and represents the most complete pictorial listing of Norwegian steel cans.

SPAIN: CATALOGO DE LATAS ESPANOLAS DE CERVEZA by Felipe Espejo Arevalo and the CELCE (Club Espanol de Coleccionismo Cervecero. The book has its preface letter dated with the last day of 2011 and represents the most complete pictorial listing of Spanish cans spanning from the oldest straight steel flats to cans of 2011.   There are two sections: 1966-1994 and 1994 to 2011.   Color pictures of front faces, and unique side and/or back panels are shown

SWEDEN: Det ar latt att anvanda sig av svensk burkguide by Roger "Ragge" Johansson and Torbjorn "Tobbe" Johansson.  The book was published in 2013 and represents the most complete pictorial listing of Swedish steel cans.


FRANCE: "Collecting French Flat Tops, From France to the Far East to Africa!" by Sandro Merlano, #28294 published in the BCCA's Beer Cans & Brewery Collectibles Oct/Nov 1999 issue.  Cover picture and article pages 4-7.   21 brands of cans (some with many variations) pictured in color along with a modest rarity scale.  This issue may be available through the BCCA's website as a back order.

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